Pangalore’s Knightly Adventure Social Action RPG Creates New Genre of Cross-Platform Play

Free-to-Play Mobile Social Title Features Company’s Pioneering Universal Play Tech;
Gamers Can Seamlessly Play across Tablets, Smartphones, PC, and Macs



Pangalore, an independent social games developer, today announced Knightly Adventure™, a rich social action roleplaying game that can be played across multiple devices. Knightly Adventure breaks cross-platform ground by combining interactive social, simulation, and action RPG aspects in an adventure players can enjoy on mobile, tablet, or Facebook throughout the day. The game is scheduled to be available for multiple devices in August 2012.

Knightly Adventure transports players to a fantastical medieval world where they can build and manage kingdoms, complete challenging quests, and defend their towns from marauding monsters and enemies. The game raises the bar with colorful animation movie-like graphics, inviting all to come and live and fight valiantly in the magical world of Loreland. With Pangalore’s “Universal Play” multi-platform technology, players can continue their free-to-play adventure across multiple devices, with all progress saved. Developed using the Unity 3D engine, Knightly Adventure is unique by not only being playable on multiple platforms but allowing gameplay to flow from one platform to another.

Knightly Adventure brings a new dimension to social gaming with cross-platform compatibility that allows more players to join in—no matter their device, age, background, or gaming skill,” said Doyon Kim, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Pangalore, Inc. “We focused on making a highly personal and enjoyable experience for players by adding fun and engaging social aspects like trading and gifting alongside vivid 3D party play in quests.”

Aspiring knights will bring their characters to life as they fight to deliver the spellbound realm of Loreland from lurking evil by fulfilling challenging quests and defending helpless townspeople from monsters. They will transform the mystical land into a bright and captivating world as they build charming kingdoms with friends, cultivate crops, and craft town items.

Players begin their adventure as one of four class types: knight, wizard, bowman, or swordsman. They will level up their characters by crafting items, hunting monsters, and trading with other players. Each character class possesses a unique set of weapons and skills that players can utilize to create a well-balanced team for each mission.

Knights can personalize their kingdoms as their towns, shops, steel works, farms, and mines bustle and grow. As their kingdom rises in power, they will overcome enemy attacks and begin venturing beyond the town to battle monsters and complete over 120 RPG-style quests. The lands outside town can be explored in 3D environments as players strategically form parties of friends to fight monsters in fully animated battles and fulfill quests. Community trading allows players and share and request items from friends, and players will be able to equip items recovered in battle or gifted from friends to enhance their skills. As their characters grow in might, players will be able to upgrade their costumes and weapons while striving to become the greatest knight of Loreland.

Focused on bringing captivating, fun, and engaging games to a wider audience, Pangalore’s Knightly Adventure heralds a new style of social game. Embark on a Knightly Adventure on mobile devices, tablets, and Facebook starting August 2012.

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