Field of Glory – Triumph of Nations Available

A comprehensive guide for players to recreate Napoleon’s famous battles


Slitherine ( and Osprey Publishing ( are happy to announce the availability of Field of Glory – Triumph of Nations, the first army companion book for the popular Field of Glory – Napoleonic tabletop miniatures gaming system. Slitherine have taken the bold move to make all army companions for Field of Glory Napoleonic’s hardback collectors’ editions.

With the help of authors Terry Shaw and Mike Horah, and illustrator Peter Dennis, Slitherine have created an in-depth and beautiful resource that players can utilize to assist in recreating battles from 1812-1815. From Napoleon’s disastrous and devastating invasion of Russia to the glorious Hundred Days War, players will have access to the all the army lists and details.

About Field of Glory – Triumph of Nations

In 1812, after a period of considerable victories, Napoleon found himself fighting on two fronts, suffering setback after setback. With his forces in Spain being pushed back, Napoleon launched an invasion of his former ally, Russia, leading the half-million-strong Grande Armée to Moscow, eventually suffering a brutal defeat at the hands of Russian forces and the bitter winter conditions. Now on the defensive, Napoleon was defeated and exiled, but returned to lead his loyal armies against a coalition of European nations in a final campaign that culminated at Waterloo.

Triumph of Nations, a companion for Field of Glory Napoleonic, provides players with all the army lists and details they need to recreate the battles of the later Empire, from the disastrous invasion of Russia to the glorious Hundred Days.


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