Slitherine and Matrix Games Wants You to Storm the Beaches for their D-Day Sale

Save up to nearly 40% on selected World War II games a discount on one of the “Longest Days”


Slitherine ( and Matrix Games ( are excited to announce that starting June 6, and ending June 12, 2012, selected World War II strategy games will be sold at discount prices in memory of the important day when Allied forces invaded Europe by landing on the beaches of Normandy.

Titles ranging from Battle Academy to Close Combat: The Longest Day to Command Ops: Highway to the Reich and their expansions will be discounted in both physical and digital download form. Savings can reach up to 40% on certain titles, so players can rush in and nab the strategy game (or games!) that they’ve been eyeing in the past!

A short list of titles and their discounts are below:

  • Battle Academy Download – Originally $29.99, now $19.99 for a savings of 33.3%!
  • Battle Academy: Blitzkrieg France Physical – Originally $24.99, now $19.99 for a savings of 20%!
  • Close Combat: Cross of Iron Physical – Originally $49.99, now $39.99 for a savings of 20%!
  • Advanced Tactics Gold Download – Originally $39.99, now $29.99 for a savings of 25%!
  • Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris Download – Originally $39.99, now $29.99 for a savings of 25%!
  • Norm Kroger’s Operational Art of War Download – Originally $39.99, now $29.99 for a savings of 25%!

Find the full list of discounts at both the Slitherine and Matrix Games forums! Remember, the sale lasts from June 6 to June 12, 2012!



Slitherine Ltd. and Matrix Games Ltd. are the world’s leading video games producers and publishers of historical and strategy titles. Since 2000, both brands have published literally hundreds of games with many award-winning titles in their portfolio spanning all digital and console platforms. Slitherine is also involved with book publishing, and board gaming and work with a wide array of key licensing partners such as HISTORY™, MILITARY HISTORY™, Horrible Histories™, Showtime, BBC, Osprey, Scholastic, Casemate Publishing and many others to deliver the best blend of historical accuracy in an exciting and entertaining way. The two companies merged in May 2010 and formed the world’s largest organization specializing in this niche but important market sector. Slitherine’s mission over the coming years is to lead the way in innovation and growth in this expanding industry sector.