Get Early Access To MLB 12 The Show’s Home Run Derby Online At Taco Bell

Want to play some home run derby on your android phone? Want to play against friends on facebook and unlock the PS3 version of the Home Run Derby Online?

Find out how after the jump.


With the MLB season now in full swing, we have some great news for all you baseball fans out there. Starting May 28th, you can head in to your local Taco Bell, grab a Big Hitter $5 Buck Box, and download the Taco Bell mobile app to play the mini MLB Home Run Derby game. Then, for a limited time you can challenge your friends via Facebook Connect to see who the heaviest hitter is and after you battle it out, you’ll unlock the Home Run Derby Online mode for MLB 12 The Show on PlayStation 3.

And if you want to get the upper hand against your friends, bring your camera enabled smart phone to participating Taco Bell restaurants for more ways to play. Just pick up a Big Hitter $5 Buck Box to unlock cool features like the ability to play as MLB 12 The Show cover athlete Adrian Gonzalez. You can also search in-store to scan other MLB 12 The Show branded items to help you rack up extra points. Win or lose, Home Run Derby Online for MLB 12 is yours, just for playing via Facebook Connect – but you have to go to Taco Bell before July 9th if you want to get it first!

You can also download the “Taco Bell App” from the App Store or Android Marketplace for FREE!

Now, what is Home Run Derby Online you ask? Well, it’s an entirely new way to compete with other players on PlayStation Network. You can play against one or seven other users online (2-8 players simultaneously) for a chance to be crowned the Home Run Derby champion and earn extra XP. Enter into a “Random Match” against the community, or “Play with Friend.” All players will see and be able to swing at pitches at the same time and watch each hit, which is represented by multi-colored hit ribbons that stretch from home plate to wherever the ball lands. The on-screen, in-game, real-time leaderboard lets you know who the leader is and where you stand so you’re always aware of how you’re doing against the competition. Pretty cool, right?