MLB 12: The Show Update 1.06 Fix List: A Few New Bugs Reported as Well

A new update was released for MLB 12 The Show this morning.

Full listing of fixes after the jump.


This morning (4-13) title update 1.06 was be released for MLB 12 The Show, which resolves a handful of issues. In addition to correcting some issues, which may or may not be noticeable, they’ve also taken the opportunity to include some enhancements to the in-game experience. Following are some of the top-line elements of this patch.

Be advised that there are a few issues being reported of current franchises and RTTS game saves causing freezing issues. If you update and then start having one of those problems, you can always  delete the game data titled “additional content” to temporarily resolve the problem. You won’t be able to upload data to the cloud or play online, but you will at least be able to continue your career.

Front End Fixes:

  • Start Times/schedule Issue. All of our games (Season and Franchise modes) were starting at 1 PM or 7 PM. You will now see games starting at their correct scheduled times. Games will match their scheduled times listed on team website schedules and
  • Fixed “Special Jersey Days” issue. Teams were not defaulting to the alt jerseys on the designated days or during spring training. You will now see all teams wearing their Spring Training jerseys throughout spring training. Also, teams will now be wearing their throwback jerseys and alternate jerseys on the correct days, as scheduled by the MLB and their own team websites.

Sounds of the Show:

  • EDIT PLAYER – Personalize tab: Previewing Reliever Entrance Music. While modifying/selecting a player’s reliever entrance music, all sound previews (in slots 2 and 3) are the same as ‘Reliever Entrance Music 1’


  • Gameplay Pitching Option: Pitch delay option had no effect. There will now be a noticeable difference between the Pitch Delay options of FAST, NORMAL, and SLOWER
  • Off balanced catch to end an inning would result in an error being called on the defender that made the catch. No error will be called now, and the play will be scored correctly
  • RF throwing out runners at first issue – Line drives hit to RF, was too frequently resulting in the user controlled (or AI controlled fielder) being able to throw the runner out at 1st base. Throws from the Right Fielder should be less accurate and far less likely to result in a force out at 1st base. This can still occur, but only in very real world scenario. Strong line drive to RF, and a strong throw to 1st base
  • During the pitcher warm up, the umpire would occasionally appeal to 1st or 3rd base. This has been fixed
  • PCI flipped in pitcher view when batting from that particular view. This has been fixed.
  • Hot/Cold Zones flipped in pitching view. This has been fixed.
  • Pitcher/Batter stats OSD (using “SELECT” button) had the Hot/Cold zones flipped when using “behind the pitcher” camera. This has been fixed.OPERATION SPORTS
  • The Twins sign in center field will be lit all the time during night games.
  • Step offs and throw to base (usually on a steal early) should be sped up and easier to control.
  • “Show Track” presentation was occasionally off, in regards to the pitch location. It does not correctly spot the location of the pitch When Campbell does post batter analysis of previous at bat
  • Fixes to jumbotrons in several stadiums: Atlanta Turner Field jumbotron would display pre-game lineups in the middle of the game / Cincinnati Great American Ballpark would have missing info in the batting order view / Washington Nationals Park would display the away team’s lineup, when it should be showing the home team lineups
  • Dodger Fans chanting “Beat LA” at home during rally moments. This has been fixed.
  • Sounds of the Show In-between inning music/end of inning assigned music does not play on occasion. This has been fixed.

In game OSD:

  • When the ticker displays the league leading pitchers by ERA it only displays this to the whole number. League Leader pitchers would show ERA’s of 1, or 2, instead of 1.56 or 2.35 (for example)


  • Extensive League setup improvements. Increased stability and usability.
  • Lock when using Custom Roster in leagues. Leagues are stuck in a forming state and/or freeze the PS3 when they try to load their league. This has been fixed
  • Backing out of a draft in progress would occasionally cause a league to freeze. This will no longer occur.
  • League challenge options are now shown correctly in pregame acceptance. When a user would receive a league challenge, he would see his own Online User Settings, instead of the League Settings that were assigned by the commissioner
  • Inviting users to leagues under several circumstances would result in this message (“The given league ID is not valid.”) This has been fixed.

General Online:

  • Online In Game OSD: During an Online game, within the Pause menu, the Wind speed and direction is always 14 to 17 MPH blowing in from CF online. The wind was actually blowing this direction in game as well, making hitting fly-ball HR’s difficultOPERATION SPORTS
  • PLAY NOW – Head to Head Logic that selects the home team was not working as intended. Now, the user with more XP points will be the home team, when matched randomly through the Play Now system
  • Online bottom line ticker had no data and would only shows up briefly and disappears after the “brought to you by…” This also affects NP ticker updates not showing up in-game.
  • Sub-Leaderboards – The top player on each team based sub-leaderboard has an impossible amount of xp/wins/losses, as well as links to the player card of a different player.

Diamond Dynasty:

  • Pitchers, and some position players did not have their assigned numbers in Diamond Dynasty. Assigning any number to any player in the TEAM CUSTOMIZATION / EDIT PLAYER area of the Front End did not carry over into game. Once the user entered the game, they would not be wearing that number. Frequently, Pitchers would follow this trend: Number one starter will wear the #1, Number three starter will wear the #3, the ninth guy in the bullpen will have #9…
  • Fix for Diamond Dynasty pitch speeds. The fix makes any created DD player use the pitch speed formula as RTTS. No MLB players will be affected. Before the patch, users encountered issues where a Pitcher will have a 99mph fastball and 70mph change-up.