Exclusive Early Look at Gamania’s Upcoming MMORPG

Details, plus screenshots and a sign-up link, after the jump.

Gamania Digital Entertainment announced today that starting Friday, April 20, 10:00AM PDT, MMO fans can get their first hands-on experience with its upcoming free-to-play, 3D MMORPG, Divina, during the Challenge 72 beta event. Players will have 72 hours to explore Divina’s features and game world while competing in exciting weekend challenges for cool prizes. In addition, those who participated in the Challenge 72 beta event will receive exclusive items if they return to the next PVP beta.


The Challenge 72 beta is invite-only with Gamania distributing a limited number of beta keys to those who’ve registered at the official website. This week will be the last chance for players to sign up before the invites have all gone out: http://us.beanfun.com/divina/signup/beta.aspx.


Divina is a colorful 3D MMORPG filled with thousands of quests, unique characters, intense open world Player versus Player (PvP) combat, and numerous fun features. Gamania has been steadily revealing information on the game – most recently the Quick Change, Sidekick, and Creature Tome systems – building up to Divina’s PVP Closed Beta, planned for this year.


Features: http://us.beanfun.com/divina/overview/features.aspx


  • Quick Change System: Using Exchange Points (EP), players can instantly swap between a Main Class and Sub Class at any time – even in battle. The Quick Change system adds significant depth to combat, as complimenting classes must be carefully paired and Quick Changes used strategically – it can mean the difference between victory and defeat, especially during PVP battles.
  • Sidekick System: Adventurers are accompanied by a trustworthy Sidekick of their choice that can be evolved in unique ways through player interaction. Much more than a pet, Sidekicks are an essential companion in battle and gain levels, classes, attributes and skills just like a normal character.
  • Creature Tome System: Throughout the world of Divina, there are hundreds of monsters to be researched and collected in the Creature Tome. Once fully researched, players can activate special transformation abilities and gain both the monster’s skills and appearance in battle.

Players can register for Divina’s upcoming Closed Beta at the official website: http://us.beanfun.com/divina/signup/beta.aspx. All registered players will automatically be entered for the chance to win an invitation to the Challenge 72 beta event beginning April 20, 10:00AM PDT and ending April 23, 10:00AM PDT.

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