New Videos for Risen 2: Dark Waters Shows the Voodoo That You’ll Do

Our nameless hero shows off his voodoo, among other things, in the latest video releases for Risen 2: Dark Waters.

Check out the videos after the jump.


Video #1  – The Pirate’s Den:

Patty meets up with her estranged Pirate Father, Captain Steelbeard, and the Nameless Hero provokes fights in the Pirate’s Den.

What kind of a father is he? Would the term ‘arsehole’ be considered endearing?

Video #2 – The Pirate Oath:

The Nameless Hero swears his allegiance to the Pirates, and the group sails to Tacarigua where they find trouble like a heat-seeking missile.

When looking for answers, always ask ‘the shitbirds in the tower’ for what ye be lookin’ for.

Video #3: Learning Voodoo

Convincing the native Shaganumbi tribe to teach the Nameless Hero voodoo is no small task!

Did I see glory for a rat killer?

Video #4:  Using Voodoo

The Nameless Hero uses Voodoo to take control of a drunken pirate named Jim.

Not bad voodoo for a Gucho.

Risen 2: Dark Waters looks like a well tuned, and nicely polished RPG. We can’t wait to to start playing!

Arrgh – Pirates: They are going to steal, cheat, lie…….and drink rum.