Meet “Kara”, Quantic Dream’s New PS3 Tech Demo

GDC is in full swing now, with more and more exciting news rolling out! Recently highlighted is Quantic Dream’s new tech demo “Kara”.

This tech demo is running in real time on a PlayStation 3 system and it looks incredible, which may indeed be an understatement.

Set in the near future (presumably), this video shows us the story of an android called KARA being assembled in a factory line. “She” becomes self-aware and displays alarmingly human emotion.

Mr. Cage announced:

What you are going to see is this prototype I told you about. It’s running in real time on a PS3. It’s not CG, it’s not pre-rendered. It is displayed by our new engine we created after Heavy Rain. The capture is almost raw.

To check out “Kara” below.

Remember that this is just a tech demo showing off the new game engine, and it’s NOT the next game from Quantic Dream.

After watching, were you not impressed? Let us know in the comment section below regarding how the video made you feel.