Twisted Metal Finally Gets User-Generated Content

Don’t like the way your vehicle looks? Wish you could customize it your way? Fear no more, as David Jaffe has confirmed via twitter that UGC for Twisted Metal is now available. It might have taken this long to release because EatSleepPlay had been focusing on the online part of the game, as well as resolving a bug that allowed only a few gamers to find a lobby, and other issues. Speaking of which, it seems that the aforementioned bug has indeed been resolved.

Here’s Jaffe, tweeting earlier today:

To get started on Twisted Metal’s UGC , simply click here:

After selecting a region and appropriate age, head over to the top right where ‘CUSTOMIZER’ is and click on it.

You will have to log in with your SEN account so you can save to your garage and activate your vehicle skin(s) in order to see them in-game.

You can also share any customized vehicle skin(s) with the community. Additionally, there is a section of the top community-rated vehicle skins; this makes it easy on you to just save them to your garage and retrieve them once you get back online.