PS Vita Live Chat Q&A Recap

If you missed the PlayStation.Blog live streamed PS Vita Q&A with Jeff Rubenstein / Sr. Social Media Manager at PlayStation and John Koller / Director, Hardware Marketing of PlayStation, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for a complete recap of all of the twitter questions and John’s answers.


John answered some of the questions that were asked from the Official PlayStation Twitter account on Friday the 10th and taken over the weekend. Here is a recap of the questions answered from the community.


Twitter user asked – “If you were only able to list one cool best feature about the PS Vita, what would it be?’

John Koller – The new ways to play and control.  We were Playing Assassins Creed on an iPhone, maybe a year before the design of the Vita and it’s a great game. You’re getting your fingers all over the front touch and your fingers get in the way on what’s really a nice, beautifully designed game so wouldn’t it be great to have the fingers out of the way, and so the rear touch pad was born. So there’s certain things that existed in the market that we wanted to change and do something different, and we think that we got something here with the Vita.

Twitter user asked – “How did the name ‘Vita’ come about?”

John Koller – Because I wanted to use Latin from high school. No, the real reason was because, ‘Vita’ means LIFE in Latin and we really wanted to engender this whole idea of you living your life and taking your Vita along with it and interacting with the world and the environment  as you live your life just kinda out organically in the world. We have a great console business. We are inside four walls playing with the console, we have a lot of time outside of our four walls. Wouldn’t it be great if could carry that PlayStation experience anywhere we went. And, Vita allows you to do that. There are many ways to interact with your environment and interact with your PS3.

Twitter user asked – “I know Facebook, Skype and Foursquare have been announced, but when will they be available?”

John Keller – They will be available day one. So, when you buy the Vita go to the PlayStation Network Store and you will be able to download those immediately.

Twitter user asked – “Will Vita specific games typically receive  DLC, update, and patches?”

John Keller – Yes, they will. Uncharted won’t have any DLC, but mostly of the other games will.

Twitter user asked – “Super excited to get my Vita on the 22nd, but will the Vita play PSone games?”

John Keller – Let’s start with two things, PSP games that are up on the network store you will be able to purchase them, or if you already own them you will be able to transfers them to the VIita. You have the licence to them forever. Now, for the PSone titles, those won’t be available at launch but we will have them shortly.

Jeff Rubenstein – If you hold on to the front touch pad, a menu will popup, from there you can assign controls to visual settings. There are currently 275 PSP games that are playable on the Vita.

Twitter user asked – “Can you change settings in-games, like Uncharted to not use touch controls at all?”

John Keller – What I think Uncharted does is it allows you to play in many different ways, so you can choose, if you would like, more analog stick than you do touch pad. It all depends on the game actually, you will have to see if the game allows you to change most of the settings.

Twitter user asked – “Other than GPS, will there be any other differences between the 3G/Wifi and Wi-fi only versions of the Vita?”

John Keller – The 3G on the Vita it’s not like the 3G on your phone. The Vita is not a phone. What you get on the Vita is GPS,  but a very crisp GPS that is included in the CPU of the 3G Vita. And for the Wi-fi version you have it, but it’s done via Wi-fi only so it’s limited.  With the 3G you get all of the hot-spots for free from AT&T and that data plan is not a contract plan.

Twitter user asked – “Can you please clarifiy how the free game and data pass included in the 3G bundle work?”

John Keller –  At launch, it will be very limited to about the first week. You get the 3G Vita, 8 GB memory stick, AT&T data pass, and a PSN game. All of that for a $299.99. The way the data plan works is when you activate it, on the 22nd. To get it, you enter your payment information, that session data that you payed for. And, after the completion of that session you will get the free PSN game. The free game is Super Star Dust plus the DLC, all that will be given after the data session.

Twitter user asked – “How much compatibility will there between the PS3 and the Vita?”

John Keller – For example, Wipeout there is a lot of balancing  going on between the Vita and the PS3. So your skills will determin who wins. MLB is another great example, it saves it on the cloud, and you can continue on your Vita and vise versa.

Twitter user asked – “Will I be able to stream PS3 games to Vita via remote play?”

John Keller – There aren’t any games we can show right now. The Killzone 3, that was a tech demo and it look amazing. Everything else shown, that was tech demo to show the power of the Vita. So, at there won’t be many game at launch.

Twitter user asked – “Will the AR vouchers come in limited quantities?”

John Keller – Not in limited quantities, and let me make it clear that they are not vouchers they are cards. They will actually be packed into the box, six AR cards will be inside the box. They offer a wide range of use, you download the app for free on the PlayStation Store.

Twitter user asked – “WHY ARE YOU NOT ADVERTISING?!”

John Keller – Today is actually the formal launch advertising campaign, we are up on billboards, digitally, etc. This is the largest ad campaign ever,  you can go and play with a Vita at Best Buy and at Target at any time. You will see ads all through-out this year.

Twitter user asked -“How many games will there be for the PS Vita at the end of the year?”

John Keller – We have over 100 games in development and 25 games coming launch day. A Call of Duty title is coming close to the end of the year, Assassins Creed game, Resistance and Little Big Planet are coming as well.

Twitter user asked – “For a game like Rayman: Origins if you earn the same Trophy both on the PS3 and on the PS Vita, does it count twice?”

John Keller – Yes, it will count as separate Trophies.

Jeff Rubenstein – The first exclusive FPS coming to the Vita will be Resistance: Burning Skies on May 29th, 2012.