Namco Releases New PS Vita Screenshots for Touch My Katamari

The PS Vita launches in February and Namco continues to tease those of us still waiting by releasing more screens for one of their upcoming PS Vita titles.

Check them out after the jump.


Touch My Katamari

The latest installment in the Katamari series, Touch My Katamari, is the debut of the beloved franchise on PlayStation®Vita. The King of All Cosmos has a whole new bunch of weird and wonderful missions in store as you once again step into the shoes of his son, the prince. Use the PlayStation®Vita touch screen controls or dual analog sticks in conjunction with the rear touch pad to squeeze, stretch and roll your Katamari ball around the environments gathering up every possible object to make it grow. The King will send you to the four corners of the earth to complete your oddball missions and restore his very particular kind of Katamari order to the universe.

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