Review – 4 Elements HD


4 Elements HD has made the jump from the PC to the PS3 and has PlayStation Move support. Is it worth your time, or did it not match up well with the console? Read our review to find out.


A kingdom is in trouble. The aura of the 4 elements are trapped and need to be freed. Can you help spread the aura of Earth, Fire, Air and Water and bring things back into the proper balance?

4 Elements HD World Map

4 Elements HD uses a tried and true method of matching colors and shapes to clear a set board, but with a twist. Upon matching 3 or more tiles, you’ll clear a path for aura energy to travel. The goal is to clear a path all the way to the finish emblem, and this in turn will allow you to move on to the next level. Clearing paths to other objects such as rockets can help clear boulders, ice and solid walls out of your way. Each level is generally large and spread out. As you clear the path, more of the puzzle will be seen as the aura energy moves along.

As you progress through the levels, four power-ups will be unlocked. The Spade allows you to clear out any one tile and is useful if you are one tile away from clearing a path. The Bomb power-up can destroy boulders and ice, but doesn’t clear the path. The Swap power-up allows you to swap any two tiles. The last power-up is Shuffle and reshuffles the entire board.

The game is separated into four sections. Each section is based on the element you are currently working on. The tiles are all similar, but have a slightly different look based on which element you are on. As you complete each level, you also earn points which can be used to purchase a castle and castle upgrades. This really has no bearing on the game itself, but can add to the replayability of the game.

The game can be played with either the regular PS3 controller or the PlayStation Move controller. While it is OK with the Dualshock, the game really shines with the Move. Using the T Button for matching is quick and simple, and the power-up buttons map out nicely to the Triangle, Cirlce, Square, and X. This is one of the best implementations of the Move controller so far.

4 Elements HD gives you 64 levels of progressively harder game play that is not only fun but addicting as well.