The Future Of Social Gaming 3.0 – Meteor Games’ Serf War

Meteor Games launches Serf Wars on Facebook into an open beta. Get all the details after the jump.



Free to play, Serf Wars provides a unique, story driven adventure that incorporates many features gaming enthusiasts of all ages love such as crafting, battle missions and combat destinations within a fully interactive environment. Serf Wars is launching with over 41 battleground environments and 45 story-driven combat missions (with 40-50 more on the way) for users to explore.

Keeping in the direction of Meteor Games’ strategic direction of developing richer and more engaging titles, Serf Wars capitalizes on its overall design layout and support of the recently introduced “fluid canvas” feature which  caters to multiple play patterns; making it appealing to a variety of gamers. Leveraging the latest changes to the newly redesigned Facebook platform, Serf Wars offers a new touch point to Meteor Games million plus player database.

About Serf Wars

Your uncle has left you a small village that’s in pretty rough shape. Buildings are falling apart, population is declining, and the peasants who stayed behind are revolting! Welcome to Serf Wars, the exciting new fantasy game in which you attempt to turn your uncle’s rotten borough into a prosperous kingdom and defend it from dastardly enemy attacks.

Play a range of addictive arcade-style minigames to earn gold and valuable items that will help you train an army. As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock additional minigames and combat locations that will help you create an unbeatable battalion of elves, dwarves, soldiers, skeletons, and more. Not only will you be able to defend your kingdom, you’ll also be able to wage war on your neighbors – or ally with them if you’re feeling generous! Build houses and farms to increase your population and levy taxes, but be careful to keep your people satisfied with enough food and well-placed decorations to keep them content. If happiness levels decline again, you could have a riot on your hands!

Luckily, well-fed peasants are very helpful. Call on them to help you earn extra gold and experience by putting out pesky grass fires, digging up weeds, and rescuing terrified cats from trees. As you expand your domain, you’ll encounter a variety of colorful characters who will challenge you to fulfill daring and foolhardy quests. Rise to the challenge and you’ll quickly progress through the ranks, revealing new and exciting locations on the world map. Dare to explore the wilderness outside your kingdom, and the fog of war covering the map will begin to lift, unlocking increasingly daunting trials in ever more exotic locations.

Serf Wars By The Numbers:

  • 45 story-driven combat missions (with 40-50 more on the way)
  • 33 types of combat units the player can recruit (11 of these are hero units)
  • 30 types of enemy units to fight
  • 41 battleground environments
  • 25 starter quests
  • Robust crafting system, with 44 crafting ingredients and 115 craftable items / recipes
  • 30 artisan units
  • 72 total buildings, 17 of which have 5 upgrade-stages (11 combat locations, 6 crafting locations)
  • 78 total decorations
  • 60 new achievements coming
  • 9 arcade-style minigames


About Meteor Games:
Meteor Games is an independent online gaming studio dedicated to the development of richer, more engaging content for social gamers. Meteor operates some of Facebook’s most popular social games including the hit, Island Paradise, and is committed to developing fun, immersive, and innovative games spanning the web, social networks, and mobile devices. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Meteor Games was founded in 2007 by the creators of Neopets, an Internet phenomenon and watershed in the evolution of social gaming. For more information, visit