7sixty and Firefly Studios Launch Facebook Contest to Find Stronghold 3’S Minstrel King

Forget Electric Guitars, Drums or Even Keytars… Because Real Men Play Lutes – Specifically Air Lutes! More details after the jump.

Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to unleash your inner minstrel? Are you ready to pretend to play a lute while perhaps dressing like a medieval peasant in the hope of winning an incredibly limited edition T-shirt that will make you infinitely more amazing? Of course you are! So you should immediately enter Stronghold 3™’s Minstrel King competition over on Facebook.

7sixty and Firefly Studios are giving people the chance to become the envy of their friends in a unique contest that takes its inspiration from the extremely popular music in the castle building series. We want people to send in footage of them playing ‘air lute’ – it’s a bit like air guitar but more medieval – to one of Stronghold’s most popular tunes: Castle Jam.

Taking part in this contest could not be simpler… first head over to the Stronghold 3 Facebook page (www.facebook.com/stronghold3) and check out the Minstrel King app. Next, download the Castle Jam track and then get creative by filming yourself playing air lute to the song – perhaps you could even bribe your friends to take part. Once you are happy that you have accurately captured the spirit of a medieval minstrel, upload your video to YouTube and then follow the instructions on Facebook to enter your masterpiece. It’s so easy, even a gong farmer could do it!

Then it is time to encourage your friends and family to vote for your video, so you can scale through the ranks of lute players the world over. When the competition ends on November 1st, 2011 the 10 best Minstrel Kings will receive a copy of Stronghold 3, a miniature replica trebuchet, the aforementioned amazing T-shirt and, of course, the respect of everyone around you.

For more information on Stronghold 3 go to www.stronghold3.com or for details on 7sixty, head to www.7sixty.com and make sure you follow @askthewolf on Twitter to get the latest news on Stronghold 3… or get called a lack wit.

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Firefly Studios is a computer and video games development company, formed in 1999. The company has produced a number of high profile and commercially successful strategy games including the Stronghold series. Firefly has experience developing PC, console and MMO titles and has offices in the United Kingdom and United States. For more information, please visit our website at www.fireflyworlds.com