Review – PSN Mini T.N.K III

The military tanks are known for their destructive ground force, being able to turn a battle to one side’s advantage. Getting the urge to drive one of these babies? Well tough luck, the best I can do is give you the review of SNK’s new PSN Minis title game T.N.K III (TANK III). Get ready to advance forward into battle and to our review.


T.N.K III is an top down arcade game. You command a tank that is equipped with a cannon and machine guns. You have unlimited ammo so fire away. Not much story is in the game, but who cares when you get to blow up enemy tanks and infantry. Your mission comes straight from the President of United States of America, he’s asking you to eliminate all of the enemy forces that stand in your path and put a stop to it once and for all. Before you go road rage with a tank, you need to add coins by pressing the Triangle button. Once you have control of the tank you need to move forward (or upward to the screen).


To use your cannon press the X button, for the machine guns press the Circle button. To rotate the cannon barrel to the Left press the L shoulder button on the PSP or the L1 button on the PS3 controller, to rotate it to the Right press the R shoulder button on the PSP or the R1 on the PS3 controller. Keep tapping the shoulder buttons to keep rotating the barrel for a 360 degree turn. The cannon barrel also has an option in the menu for Auto aim, or manual aim. Auto aim is for the barrel to stay at one direction of the tank is moving. If you disable it the barrel will aim at the direction you move the tank. The menu is the same as other Mini titles (ex: Ikari Warriors, Vanguard, and others) to access the menu press the Select button. Checkpoints are available in the game. Also you can save and load, but again sorry for sounding like a broken record, you must do them manually. They are located at the beginning of each segment of an area (or stage) which makes it not so frustrating having to start from the beginning of the game. As the default you get 3 lives, but in the menu that can changed to 5 (5 being the max number of lives).  Also there’s a pretty cool option that allows you to drive right on top of any obstacle in your path. It’s called “Ignore Terrain”. It’s kind of a cheat code, but that’s if you want to enable it.

The improvements to the game are noticeable. The controls are more responsive. The graphics were touched up and they got fleshed out a bit, and the enemy’s animation can be easily noticed.


T.N.K III comes with a 5483 KB (5.4 MB) download size and price tag of $2.99 for Non-PlayStation Plus Members, and for those who are members it is just $2.39. It won’t hurt your wallet much, and in return you are getting a fun and easy to play game that can help you kill a few hours, depending on your skill level. At home or on the go, it’s a great little game. Besides, who doesn’t like tanks? VROOM VROOM… KA-BOOM!!!!



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