Review – Hamilton’s Great Adventure

Ernest Hamilton has brought his Great Adventure to the PS3. Should you tag along, or just let him wander around aimlessly? Read our review to find out.

Fatshark Games released Lead & Gold in 2010 to decent reviews, and follow that up in an entirely new direction. Hamilton’s Great Adventure is a puzzling co-op game that couldn’t be more different than their first peron shooter.

The game starts out with an old Hamilton preparing to spend time with his Grand daughter Amy. She loves listening to his stories from when he was a younger man. Hamilton starts telling Amy of his many great adventures he has had along with his companion Sasha (a bird of a previously unknown species).

Gameplay has you playing as Hamilton in a third person, high up view. Not exactly top-down, but more of an up and behind style camera. There is no free camera, but you can slightly rotate it and zoom in and out to get a better look under and around things. The camera can be a little frustrating at times, but doesn’t take away from the overall playability of the title.

It is your goal to find and acquire a gold key, and safely traverse the path, in order to complete each level. Your path consists of tiles and steps which may or may not allow you to travel back over them. There are also doors which will require silver keys in order to get past them. It is the collapsing tiles that give the game its most difficulty.

Along with Hamilton, you can also switch between him and Sasha, his bird, if you are playing solo. The game is designed to be played with another person but since there is no online play, you’ll need two controllers and a friend. Sasha is required to not only pick up Mystic Dust that is found floating around each level, but she will also be needed in order to throw switches at different points in different levels. If playing solo, this can be quite tricky as some of these switches are timing based and getting Hamilton through some areas is almost impossible by yourself. You should always use Sasha to scope out each level before having Hamilton start his journey. As you progress through the game, gadgets for Hamilton become available. These gadgets are powered by the  Mystic Dust that both you and Sasha can find floating around each level and can assist you in your travels.

Optional collectible treasures and treasure chests can also be found on each level. Each level is designed to make it harder and harder to collect all treasures, with awards of Bronze, Silver, and Gold depending on how much you’ve gathered. The game can go from being very simple, to very difficult from one stage to the next. Level design is well thought out, and makes for some interesting game play when trying to acquire all of the treasure.

If you wanted to just run through the game, without worrying about the collectibles, the game might be a little short and bland. The game is designed to keep you busy with those collectibles, though. This is where the game becomes more in depth. Just completing the story unlocks many optional levels that will tax your brain with collectibles that seem almost impossible to acquire.

Completionists beware! You will not easily complete this game, and that’s not a bad thing.

Fatshark Games has created an entertaining world with likeable characters. The graphics are top notch. The music is reminiscent of Indiana Jones, and very fitting.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure is a great little title that is well worth the small price tag of $9.99. If you are on the fence, check out the demo on the PlayStation Network. You won’t be disappointed.