Reistance 3 Beta Now Open & Appreciation Perks for Testers Announced

For those of you wanting a taste of Resistance 3, the beta is now open to the masses. Insomniac Games also has a special appreciation surprise for all testers. More details after the jump.


Insomniac games, in all their awesomeness, have opened the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta up to anyone and everyone with a PS3. Quite a few changes have been made since the beta has launched, and the bugs are few and far between.

In appreciation for all of the great beta testing, they also have some special gifts to pass out to anyone that jumps online for a few rounds starting today.

They are offering all players (starting August 30th) an exclusive MP skin… R2 SRPA Nathan Hale. All you have to do is jump on the Beta and go a few rounds between August 30th and September 4th. The Hale skin will then be ready for use when you pop in your new copy of R3.

While many people love and praise the new direction of Resistance 3’s MP, they also wanted to give a nod to longtime fans. They have announced a new playlist called *Classic Hardcore*. It’s got all the exciting R3 action minus Berserks and abilities. This is for those players who want to go toe-to-toe without the extras. Classic Hardcore will be available Day 1!

And if that’s not enough to get you online to try out the MP Beta, how about a special, in your face style taunt?

Take that punk!

September 6th can’t get here soon enough.