Review – King of Fighters ’95

SNK adds to their PSN Neogeo collection. Does it have a fighting chance, or is it dead on arrival? Read our review to find out.

It’s the year of our Lord,1995. Once again invitations to the King of Fighters tournament have found their way to the world’s most powerful fighters.

And their author is none other than the mysterious “R”! Could the “R” be that of Rugal, who supposedly blew himself up on his aircraft carrier one year ago?

Among the contestants for this years tournament is the newly selected team of Billy, Yagami, and Kisaragi, who sent the American Team packing.

But what in the end is billy’s scheme? What ambitions does Kisaragi cradle? Also what  evil designs for his old foe Kyo Kusanagi spur Lori Yagami on?

These new challengers join all of the previous tournament’s contestants – Except the American Team, of course – both in battle and the all-consuming intrigue that forms the core of:


As the 2nd installment of the KOF series (one of my personal favorites as a kid), and the beginning of a story arc that later became known as the “Orochi Saga”, King of Fighters ’95  has 26 playable characters including 2 boss characters with a large list of moves and combos to learn. Start a normal game or play online competitive matches.

When playing Normal mode, play from 5 different game types:

  • Single Battle: Pick from one of the 26 characters and fight your way through one of the selected players from each team then battle the two bosses at the end to complete the tournament.
  • Team Battle: Pick one of the teams of three and fight through the tournament. If you end up not liking anyone from the default teams then select the “Team Edit” option to choose from the characters your personal favorites.
  • Single VS: You and a friend choose your fighters and duke it out to see who has the better skills.
  • Team VS: Unlike Single VS, this versus mode you and a friend grab a default or custom team of three and fight.
  • Single All: In this game mode you select a fighter and battle your way through all 26 characters only having three continues, better make em last cause this ones tough.

When playing Network Mode, you can chose to do a quick match and go up against random opponents or choose to make your own match and invite a friend that has the game.

KOF ’95  is a fast paced and somewhat difficult game, but that’s what makes it fun. The moves are not that difficult to learn, you can figure them out combining the different moves to make a variety of combos. Or if you don’t feel up to trying to figure out the moves on your own check out the move list in the pause menu. Each fighter has a unique fighting style so its fun to experiment with all of them to see which ones fits you best.

A.I. is  smart when it comes to dodging and or blocking attacks, but get the right combos in and you can break through there block and K.O. them quick.

Too hard? change the difficulty settings in the options menu to meet your standards. Also if you or your friend don’t like the layout of the buttons then change the Pad Settings so you can feel more comfortable when fighting through the tournament or against someone. If you get tired and want to stop playing for a bit, you can press the Select button in mid fight and save your current state and pick it up later when you feel like kicking some butt.

Overall King of Fighters ’95 is a very fun fighting game that you can enjoy by your self or with a friend. So if your looking for a fun classic fighting game and a your fan of all those SNK NEOGEO games then you’ll love this game. You can go pick this game up now from the SNK NEOGEO Collection in the PSN store for the price of $8.99. PlayStation plus members can get it for $7.19.

A good SNK fighting game only for $8.99? I wouldn’t only buy it, I’d recommend this to all my friends that love fighting games.