Review – PSN Mini Ikari Warriors

Released in 1986 for the NES by SNK, after more than 2 decades it finally was ported to the PlayStation 3 system and PlayStation Portable as a Minis title. Is it worth three bucks, or should you pass it up? Crawl through the mud and make your way to our review to find out.


Your plane has been shot down by enemy forces, crashed and with only a small amount of supplies to make your way to Ikari village. Sounds easy, right? How’s a battalion of ruthless enemies coming your way ready to stop you by any means necessary sound? Ikari Warriors for PSN Minis is exactly that. This old school, top down shooter, arcade game is set in the jungle and will be taking all of your free time.

Originally released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System by SNK, after more than 2 decades it finally was ported to the PlayStation 3 system and PlayStation Portable as a Minis title. Things have been improved since its original release; the controls have been tweaked and are now more responsive and smooth, the graphics have gotten a splash of new paint. The price on this game is $2.99 and the download size is about 12 MB.

There really isn’t a major story introduction to this game, only a cut scene showing the plane in flames and crashing down into the jungle. You have an option between two characters (not that any character makes a difference in gameplay) One is in a Blue headband and the other in a Red headband. Once you have picked your character you start of by moving up the screen killing every enemy you see. X is for shooting your main gun and O is for the grenades this is not unlimited, so you do have to keep an eye on your ammo. Luckily, there are power-ups. By killing enemies they will drop these and not only do they improve you gun, but they also refill your ammo. The max you can have is 99 bullets and 99 grenades, so feel free to shoot at anything. Be warned that you can die with just one hit of an enemy bullet, but so can they.

A vehicle can be used for your advantage, and is needed at times since the AI enemies can be difficult to kill or there are too many of them. Tanks will randomly spawn at the top of the screen as you move on. By pressing O next to the tank you’ll get in. The tank uses the same controls as the character. What makes the tank a bit special is that it is a bit tougher and can take quite a bit of damage from enemy gun fire. Be sure to exit the tank before it is destroyed, because if you get caught in an explosion it will kill you. Just before the tank explodes it will flash red and you have a short amount of time to get out (entering and exiting the tank is still by pressing O). While in the tank, keep an eye on the left side of the screen. There is a fuel meter that will runs out. Just like the guns, this too has fuel power-ups and when picked up, they refill the meter completely.

Jump in the tank

Most likely you will be dying a lot, during my play through I died about 39 times and stopped counting after that. You only get three lives to start with, but in the menu there’s an option to change it to five lives. If you lose all of your lives you will go back to the beginning of the game. For a Mini title, autosave or checkpoints are not in the game, your only choice is to save and load manually in the menu (Menu can be accessed by pressing the Select button) in despite of not having autosave, the save and load are extremely fast it takes about 1 second or less. You are better off saving whenever you can or have passed a difficult section of the game. For a $2.99 Minis you sure will get the worth of your money and it might take you roughly 3-5 hours to complete this game. This is a fun old school arcade game, with little replayability to it.

Ikari Warriors is an ok game, not much else has been put into the game (i.e. extra levels, more guns, vehicles). For a challenging game this has a great price tag on it.

If you’re a master with the 80’s genre of games then this is a pick for you. Either on the go or on a big screen with the PlayStation 3 system, Ikari Warriors is a great little game to kill plenty of time.