Get Two Strongholds for the Price of One on Steam

7sixty Announces Steam Pre-order Bonuses for Upcoming Castle Building Game Stronghold 3. More details, with screenshots, after the jump.

7sixty and Firefly Studios today announced anyone who pre-orders upcoming castle building sim Stronghold 3 from Steam will receive the original award-winning Stronghold for free. That’s right, you can get the incredibly addictive game that started it all for nothing… zip… na-da… gratis! What’s more – as if that wasn’t already good enough – anyone who pre-orders from Steam get the exclusive Tower of London stage, which is playable in Stronghold 3.

“We’re pleased to be working with 7sixty on its first digital release for Steam and look forward to a good relationship,” said Jason Holtman, Director of Business Development at Valve. “Offering the original Stronghold, along with the exclusive Tower of London map, for those who pre-order is a fantastic incentive and offers fans – both old and new – great value for money. We’re also pleased to be supporting the game with Steamworks, which will power the great new multiplayer features in Stronghold 3 that make it easier than ever to conquer the castles of your friends.”

Originally released on PC in 2001 Stronghold became a huge hit and went on to spawn a series of incredibly successful games that have sold more than five million copies worldwide. It introduced players to the joys of building impenetrable medieval castles, laying devious traps to take out legions of enemy soldiers and, of course, the thrill of launching a cow from a catapult (it is extremely thrilling).

For newcomers it’s the perfect introduction to the Stronghold franchise, ensuring they’re up to speed with the devious plots of the wicked Wolf and his attempts to conquer the kingdom. While experienced knights, can hone their castle building skills to ensure they’re sharper than a broadsword ready to conquer their enemies when Stronghold 3 is released this fall.

Alongside the original Stronghold, customers also get to take part in some literal tower defence, with the Tower of London, an exclusive single-player map that’s only available on Steam. Based upon detailed plans and medieval maps, players can choose to defend or attack the world famous white tower, then compare how well they do against friends in the online leader boards.

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