MLB 11: The Show’s Challenge of the Week Goes Interleague

The Challenge of the week pits a Dodger’s Ace Clayton Kershaw versus the White Sox first baseman, Paul Konerko? It must be interleague play. Check out the details after the jump.

MLB 11 The Show’s Challenge of the Week #21 is an unlikely match-up of two stars, playing well! The Dodgers’ young ace (the most K’s over the last seven days) faces the White Sox’ first baseman (in the top 10 in home runs and RBI’s) .

Climb the leaderboard and get as many hits as you can for a chance to win a $250 gift card.

The new challenge began this morning 5:30am Pacific Time and ends Monday, August 1st at 4:30am Pacific Time.

$250 to the top player

This week starts the new August monthly prize period – $2000, cold hard cash. Every four weeks, a monthly prize will be awarded to the player with the most Challenge of the Week points. Weekly scores will also be added from May 30th until September 18th at 4:30am Pacific Time for a chance to win Grand Prize #2, a trip for two to a 2011 World Series Game.

How are you faring in the Challenge of the Week contests?