PSN Community Created “Legend of Robots” Goes Gold

First Gamocracy-powered release hitting PSN on July 13th. More details after the jump.

The Bearded Ladies Consulting and the Playstation™ Community are proud to announce that their community designed platformer, “Legend of Robot”, has gone gold and will be released on the European Playstation Network on the 13th of July.

Launched by The Bearded Ladies in February of this year, the Gamocracy project invited Playstation Community members to design and vote on ideas for all aspects of an upcoming game.

After a development cycle bursting with unique ideas, “Legend of Robot” marks the first complete Gamocracy project – an original game designed entirely by the EU Playstation community!

“Legend of Robot” is a fantastic platformer with colourful characters and some never before seen game mechanics.

You are cast as “H7″, an alien-robot drone originally created to enslave mankind. However, this particular specimen suffers from a bug in his anti-empathy circuits, driving him to escape his alien masters. Using twisted mechanics, such as throwing your own head to use as a platform or weapon, you must fight your way through the invading alien forces to gain your true freedom – and possibly save the Earth while you are at it.

Gamocracy – Power to the Players

Under the Gamocracy initiative, PS Community members designed “Legend of Robot” through a series of weekly challenges, each covering a different facet of the game.

Beginning with “Who is our hero?” and “Where does he go”, community members designed the look and actions of the characters; levels; bosses; name of the game; even the penultimate PSN salespitch.

Ideas were submitted through the EU Playstation Forums, with the top contenders being put to a vote on The Bearded Ladies’ official Facebook page. The winning entries were then developed into the game and the winning participants earned a place on the credit reel.

David Skarin, CEO of the Bearded ladies, proudly commented, “This was something completely new that had never been tried before, so I remember lying awake at night during the first weeks of the project wondering (..and fearing) what kind of ideas would end up on our table.”

“However, once our first winner had been decided the anxiety instantly vanished. Instead, I wished we would have made the project even longer in order to implement all the great ideas we were getting from the community. In the end, Legend of Robots has turned out a much better and more uniform game than any of us had imagined.”

Legend of Robots will be available as a PSP/PS3 minis game on July 13th, priced at just €2.99 Euros
(The North American PlayStation community will have to wait a few more weeks to get their hands on the game.)

You can learn more about Gamocracy and this unique project through The Bearded Ladies official Facebook page:

Watch all of the developer diaries and the new Legend of Robots trailer on Youtube now:

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