NCAA Football 12 Demo Now Available on the PSN and Xbox Live

The upcoming college football season is rapidly approaching, and so is EA’s annual college football video game. The demo is ready to go. Are you? Check out the details, plus learn how to get some bonus uniforms from the demo, after the jump.

The NCAA Football 12 Demo is now live on both the PSN and on Xbox live. The PSN download size is a whopping 2.4 GB and the XBL demo clocks in at 2 GB.

The demo  matchups are Oregon @ Texas and Alabama @ FSU. The graphics and player animations are definitely a step up from previous versions.

Check out the demo video below



And remember – by sharing the demo with friends, you’re able to unlock up to five Nike Pro Combat uniforms—Alabama, Florida, Miami, Boise State and Oregon State—for use when NCAA Football 12 hits store shelves on July 12th.

Will we be seeing you on the college gridiron on July 12th?