Uncharted Waters Online Announces Second Epic Sea Feud

Global Player Kill battle kicks off huge weekend event. More details after the jump.

To welcome new players and reward veterans, CJ E&M has launched a new tournament for their seafaring MMO Uncharted Waters Online™. Dubbed the Epic Sea Feud, this event is a massive battle that will introduce players to the PK (Player Kill) system. The Feud pits six nations against each other for three straight days of conquest and cannon-fire. Best of all, this promotion stacks with the recently-unveiled 200% bonus EXP event. With big prizes on the line and rewards for every player, now is a great time to dive into the Waters.

The Epic Sea Feud stars the 6 strongest nations as they sail headlong into battle. Spain, England, Venice, Netherlands, Portugal and France will all square off for a ferocious fight. Battles will rage for 3 days straight, with 3 hours of daily battle time allotted to time zones around the world. Winning nations will earn fame while gaining strategic control of allied ports and their nearby oceans. As an added incentive, key players who lead their team to victory will be rewarded with Court Rank. All participants, regardless of outcome, will complete the Epic Sea Feud Quest and receive both Ducat currency and Battle Fame.

Epic Sea Feud details:
Allied Port: Tunis Port
Offensive: France with England and Portugal as her ally
Defensive: Venice with Netherlands and Spain as her ally
1st Round: June 23th 7:00pm – 10:00pm [PST]
2nd Round: June 24th 7:00pm – 10:00pm [PST]
3rd Round: June 25th 7:00pm – 10:00pm [PST]
Epic Sea Feud rewards:
All weekend long, log on for the following bonuses and buffs.
• Double Experience: level up twice as fast!
• Sailing consumes 50% less water and food
• +1 to all battle skills
• 100% success rate for Body Language skill

Uncharted Waters Online is known for its historical content and methodical, strategic gameplay. The new PK battle system speeds things up with aggressive attacks and hostile takeovers. Without disrupting the game’s balance, the new Sea Feud lets players discover a brand new way to enjoy Uncharted Waters Online.

The first Epic Sea Feud event saw strong player participation, but due to the restricted time schedule, players from some regions had difficulty meeting the schedule. Upon request of North American players, Netmarble adjusted the schedule to serve them better.
For more on the Epic Sea Feud, visit the promotion page:

For detailed information about the game and update, visit the homepage: http://global.netmarble.com/uwo/

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