Lockwood Publishing Unleashes Sodium 2: Project Velocity in PlayStation Home

Featuring High-Speed Racing Action, Real-time Multiplayer and a Heart-Pumping Soundtrack, Sodium2 is Now Available and Free to Play! More details after the jump.

Premium developer for PlayStation Home, Lockwood Publishing today announced that the hotly anticipated new addition to the Sodium universe, Sodium2 – Project Velocity is now available in PlayStation Home. Offering players a futuristic, high-octane racing experience unlike anything PlayStation Home users have seen to date, Sodium2 – Project Velocity features real-time multiplayer racing action, highly customizable Velocity Racers, asensational soundtrack and is free-to-play.

Sodium2 marks an important turning point in PlayStation Home’s development from a virtual world to a fully-fledged games platform,” said Halli Bjornsson, CEO of Lockwood Publishing Ltd. “Thanks to great response from users during our closed beta period, and to PlayStationHome’s client update to version 1.5, we were able to incorporate a wealth of player feedback and lots of new features into Sodium2 in order to make it a truly fun and addictive gaming experience that is free for everyone.”

Sodium2 is the first game that takes advantage of PlayStation Home’s update to version 1.5, which includes real-time multiplayer, a more robust physics engine and better, more realistic graphics,” said Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation Home, SCEA. “The release of Sodium2 is a milestone for our platform,  pushing games in PlayStation Home to new levels of fun and excitement.”

About Sodium2 – Project Velocity:

Utilizing the graphical capabilities of the PlayStationÒ3 system, Project Velocity transports players to an all new Sodium environment where they will experience blistering speed, extensive customizability options and a rewarding social experience via connections to Sodium’s pre-existing social Hub. Additionally, Sodium2 boasts music from industry legend CoLD SToRAGE – provider of soundtrack content for Lemmings, WipEout and Formula1 – as well as contributions from Future Funk Squad and French glitch artist, Subjex.

Sodium2 – Project Velocity features action-packed racing through a variety of tracks within the Sodium universe. Players can hone their skills in Single Player mode to gain XP and earn Sodium Credits to unlock upgrades for their Velocity Racers and compete on the worldwide leaderboard before challenging their friends in head-to-head real-time racing action. Players looking to shave valuable seconds from their best racing time can enter the Sodium2 Garage to enhance their Velocity Racers with a variety of upgrades designed to keep them on the track and ahead of the competition. Sodium2 – Project Velocity is completely free to play, so gamers can jump right in and race for the finish line!

Sodium2 – Project Velocity will continue development by releasing constant updates of new content, tracks and contests throughout 2011. These will be based on player feedback and live metrics from Lockwood Publishing’s metrics-gathering solution.

About Lockwood Publishing:

Lockwood Publishing has been developing for PlayStation Home for three years, and released the highly successful SodiumOne space in 2009. Throughout the past several years, Lockwood’s development for the PlayStation3 platform has been fueled by community feedback, which has driven many of its design decisions in order to not only keep up with user demand, but to offer players the experiences that they want to see in PlayStation Home.