Lucent Heart Cosplay Video Series at E3

$1,000 in Prizes for Artists in the Upcoming Copic® Creativity Challenge. More details after the jump.


After taking numerous community requests for where to film, Gamania Digital Entertainment announced today that its enticing Lucent Heart Star, Vanessa, is ready to cosplay as Goddess Theia at the 2011 E3 Expo. Adding a dash of cuteness to everyone’s E3 recap, Goddess Theia will be showing off her daytime adventures in a video series airing each night, June 7-9. All viewers are encouraged to tune-in after digesting the latest E3 news for some fun cosplaying and a look at the event. Head over to the official page at the following link:

Lucent Heart's Vanessa

In addition, Gamania has partnered with Copic® Markers to give artists the chance to show off their talent during the Copic® Creativity Challenge. Offering $1,000 in prizes, entrants will compete to draw the best piece of Lucent Heart fan art in either of the following categories:

“Goddesses” – “Which twin goddess do you side with? The beautiful and benevolent goddess, Theia, bearer of the powerful Lucent Heart, or her corrupted twin sister, the Dark Goddess Cadena? Create a piece of fan art that depicts one of the goddess sisters or both!” (no bonus points for drawing “Goddess Theia” from her video series)

“Lucent Heart” – “There’s so much to see and do in Lucent Heart! Create a piece of fan art that depicts your favorite aspect of the game, whether it’s teaming up with friends, exploring the vast world, crafting, dancing the day away, or finding your true love!”

The Copic® Creativity Challenge will begin close to E3. See the announcement page for more details and official entry date:

To learn more about the F2P MMORPG Lucent Heart or to stay up-to-date on its upcoming betas, jump to the official website:

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