One Epic Game Coming this July to PSP and the PS3

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One Epic Game is a perpetual motion action game. The game’s hero constantly
runs through randomly generated levels, avoiding obstacles and shooting enemies.
The game has great 2D graphics, pumping soundtrack, story mode, many
challenges to complete and a Free run mode to extend its play time.



One Epic Game is set to be a parody of existing gaming stereotypes. There are
aliens, zombies, fantasy, nuclear wasteland and World War II in this game,
effectivelymaking it the “most epic game” ever made.
In the game’s story mode, the main hero Alpha Dog, a typical muscle action hero,
chases the main villain across all the game’s levels, while they exchange dialogues
full of humor, referencing other popular games, movies and clichés and breaking of
the “fourth wall” between the game and the player.


The gameplay is a combination of heavy action and platforming. The player has to
run through a level and fulfill a certain task (reach a given distance, kill a certain
number of enemies, do not kill any enemies at all, etc…) while avoiding obstacles
and gaps and killing enemies with a wide selection of weapons, including machine
gun, flame thrower, rocket launcher, BFG and others.
The game’s randomly generated levels combine sections of heavy action and
platforming segments requiring split-second decisions. The speed of the game is
constantly increasing as the hero runs faster and faster
After the player is finished with the game’s Story mode, there are 24 challenges to
complete, each one having a specific and difficult task to complete. There is
also a Free run mode where the player can run for as long as he is able to
keep with the game’s increasing tempo.