L.A. Noire’s Badge Pursuit Challenge 35mm Negatives Processed

L.A. Noire has been released on the world. Did you get a copy with 35mm negatives inside? We did. Check out the details after the jump.

Gamestop’s exclusive mission “The Naked City and the Badge Pursuit Challenge” includes seven 35mm negatives. We have processed them and are sharing them with you here.

Click the image for a closer look:


Let us know if you figured out how to use them in the comments below, and check back in a few days for our review of L.A. Noire.

Thanks to our great readers for sharing location info in the comments below. We will use this area to share everything they post in one place.

Badge Locations by number

  • #12: LA River. Underneath the Whittier blvd bridge. Climb the ladder
  • #13: in one of the back roads of china town. – if you enter china town through the main doors basically follow the hanging lanterns to the right. you’ll come to a street with more lanterns on the other side. keep following them and you’ll hit Mr. Ghans antiques. turn left at that store and it is between 2 lion(?) statues infront of another store
  • #14: Angel’s Flight (below the rail)
  • #15: Hall of Records (Inside the building on the reception desk)
  • #16 Behind the Bullocks Wilshire, down the stairs
  • #17 – The Examiner: Sitting on top of a wall post in the drive way into the parking lot.
  • #18: crossroads of the world. It’s located on sunset blvd and de longpre. Find the building and go around it. Halfway there’s a little walkway through the building. It’s on the floor.
  • #19 Hotel Roosevelt, inside an alcove facing the street
  • #20 – outside Grauman’s (sp?) Chinese Theater. As one looks at the entrance, it is on the doormat to the left hand double doors.
  • #21 Behind Musso & Franks under the awning
  • #22: Pershing Square (On the table outside the hotdog stand)
  • #23 LA County Art Museum, near the right-side outside stairwell
  • #24 Los Angeles Public Library (climb up the pipe, located between the 2 water tanks on the north side, don’t go further up!)
  • #25 From the Max Factor sign, go right down the walkway until you reach a fence. Jump the fence and the badge is beside the dumpster.
  • #26 Main Street Terminal, in front of a rail car
  • #27 RKO Theater, at the entrance
  • #28: Union Station. Union station is on Alameda st. The badge is on an empty ticket line to purchase train tickets. Left side when entering from the front
  • #29 MacArthur Park, on a barrel near the boats
  • #30 West Lake Tar Pits, in front of the white shack
  • #31: Intolerance movie set (another landmark location) – The badge is directly underneath the throne on the set. When facing the set head through the left set of columns, and walk to the right behind the throne. You’ll find a passage that leads directly under the throne. The badge is lying on the ground.

Thanks to Satan, Sean, Scott Raisch, R. Mabe, VegasGrifter, Licky Slurp, The Reij and decaying dead.