Shift 2 Unleashed Gets a Console Update with the Return of the PSN

For PlayStation Plus Subscribers, you may have been met with a welcome screen letting you know that Shift 2 Unleashed got an update overnight. More details after the jump.

The patch has been available for the Xbox 360 for a couple weeks, but the PSN update was obviously on hold due to the PSN being down. Now that everything is back to normal (almost), game updates are starting to roll out for PS3 games.

The latest patch for Shift 2 addresses input lag for some steering wheels, fixed erroneous AutoLog times, and several other known issues.

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If you’re not a PS Plus subscriber, you can just pop in the game disc and you will be prompted to update to version 1.02. If you don’t own the game, but want to read more about it, check out our recent review of it here.


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