European Community Manager States PSN On Track to Resume This Week

The PlayStation Network is still done, but a ray of hope has been given to us. More details after the jump.


The official PlayStation forums are always a good way to keep up with the latest news, and Musterbuster from the European community commented on a post today:

on 05-05-2011 03:52 PM

Hey guys,

I would love to be able to give you new information, and right now there isn’t any available.

I’m asking lots of questions but at the moment all I’m being told is that the “last update still stands” eg – Some PlayStation Network services will be restored this week.

The very second I hear anything new, it will be passed on to you. I’m also keeping a note of your feedback throughout this outage, so keep posting it.

Much love,



So there’s something anyway. Once the PS3 update is live, we will have the official download link, with instructions on how to use the update file.

Stay tuned