Review – The Tomb Raider Trilogy

 Lara Croft is getting a reboot later this year so Sqaure Enix and Crystal Dynamics took their PS2 releases and gave them a make over for the PS3. Add in the next gen title Underworld, and you have the Tomb Raider Trilogy. Was it polished enough, or should it have been left in the tomb? Read our review to find out.

The Tomb Raider Trilogy disc includes three previously released games, and there’s really no need to review each one since they have been out for some time. We will give a brief rundown for each game.

Tomb Raider Legend

Legend marked the first entrance of Crystal Dynamics into the development for the Tomb Raider series. Lara Croft had already made a name for herself with previous releases, but with this release Crystal Dynamics set the bar for adventure games and platformers. The Uncharted series owes quite a bit to Lara Croft and Crystal Dynamics, and you can feel the resemblances when playing through Legend.

Legend starts out with Lara getting a phone call about a stone dais that might be the key to finding out what happened to her mother years ago in the Himalayan mountains. She heads off to Bolivia where she not only finds the dais, but also finds out that an old friend, thought dead, might still be alive.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

With this title, we were taken back to Lara’s roots with a remake of her original game, but with updated game mechanics and graphics by Crystal Dynamics. She visits Peru, Greece, and Egypt on a quest for the Scion. This was the same artifact that her father had been searching for.

Tomb Raider Underworld

This title marks Lara’s fist appearance on the PS3. It takes the story lines from both of the previous two titles, and tries to give closure. Lara is still looking into the disappearance of her Mom, Amelia Croft, but has to deal with another former friend that she thought was dead.

The Tomb Raider Trilogy as a whole

For two games that were originally developed for the PS2, they looked very polished on the PS3. No jagged edges, characters looked smooth, and the environments look incredible. Lara looks as sexy as ever, with all of her different costumes available (once you unlock them).  The level design was great to begin with, so that translates into three completely playable games on the PS3.

The advancement of graphics from one game to the next does a nice job of showing how Crystal Dynamics progressed as a developer. Keep in mind that the first two games are remastered in HD, but they don’t look as good as Underworld, which was created for this generation of consoles.

With three playable games, complete with three trophy sets, the Trilogy really packs a punch for it’s price. Also included on the disc is a Tomb Raider Trilogy XMB Theme for your PS3. Once you load up the disc for the first time, you’ll also unlock a Lara Croft female PS Home avatar and a Viking Thrall PS Home avatar. Add in a collection of “making of” videos, and you have the definitive Tomb Raider collection for your PS3.

3 Full Games. 3 Full Trophy Sets. 1 Decent Price. Lara Croft fans can’t afford to pass this up!