Review – Slam Bolt Scrappers

Firehose Games has released Slam Bolt Scrappers to the world. Is it worth your hard earn cash, or is it just a waste of hard drive space? Read our review after the jump  to find out.

Slam Bolt Scrappers is a fast paced game along the lines of Smash Brothers, but with a Tetris twist. Your goal is to destroy your opponents tower before he/she can destroy yours. You play as a character with a jet pack that can fly all over the screen. Your main goal is to take out bad guys that hover over your tower, and in turn you are given colored blocks in tetris shapes. You can then drop these blocks onto matching colors to create squared blocks that are 4X4 squares or bigger, and that creates weapons. The higher number of colored squares, the bigger the weapon you’ll create. You can build onto squares already created, so these can get quite big if you plan your blocks accordingly. Think tetris here. Different colored blocks create different types of weapons. Green blocks create a little drill that’s shot across the screen to you opponents tower. Red squares create a missile launcher that is very effective. If you can create an orange square you’ll get a nice ping-pong paddle that will knock your opponents attacks right back at them. There are more to choose from, and we have a video that can better show you here.

Building Blocks for Weapons

Your opponent can attack you, and you can also attack them. This usually ends up with everyone losing valuable time and the towers will pay the price. If you are knocked out by your opponent, you’ll have to take a time out. This can be hurried along by pressing the proper buttons, but time is of the essence in this game, and every second lost equals the demise of your tower. You can just block their attacks, and then continue on once they get tired of messing with you, and that just might be your best choice. If your health meter is low, you can turn any blocks you are holding into a health boost by pressing traingle (default controls).

There are a few different types of bad guys, and these guys are color coded so you’ll have an idea of which block you’ll earn by taking them out. There are little ninja guys that give power ups when you take them out, and there are six power ups in the game. These can make you faster, stronger, turn you into a thief, or turn you into a bomb or a repairman.

The controls are completely changeable. It’s a good idea to run through the tutorial levels of the game to get a good idea of how to play, and you’ll earn a lovely hat for your efforts. As you progress along, more and more hats are unlocked, but other than looking cool, they have no effect on the gameplay. You can choose which hat you want your character to wear at the player select screen.

The main modes of SBS are Campaign and Battle Mode. The campaign can be played co-op with up to four players locally, and even though it is a little on the short side, it’s still fun. Working together with friends always adds up to a good time. Battle mode can also be played with up to four people. You can team up for a little 2v2 or go free for all where its everyone for themselves.

Four Player Offline Matches

The biggest downfall of this game is the fact that there is no online play. The game is designed as a multiplayer game, but you can only play offline with friends sitting right by you.  While SBS is a fun game if you have friends over, the single player campaign is rather short. If you want to stretch out the game play, try beating it on expert, but that can get frustrating. Online play should have been a no brainer for this title, but other games have had it added in at a later date. We will keep our fingers crossed for this one as the game play is fun and addicting with enough people around.

Slam Bolt Scrappers is a unique game that really creates a new style of game play. Combining the puzzle aspect of Tetris, with the fighting aspect of Smash Brothers, Firehose Games created a fun little game that is both addicting, and fun to play along with others. It is priced at $14.99 exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

If only it had online multiplayer.