Lucent Heart Celebrates its In-Game First Wedding

Gamania Digital Entertainment announced today that Lucent Heart has married its first couple in-game. More details, and a highlight video, after the jump.

Having recently completed its second sneak peek beta, Lucent Heart has seen tremendous activity as players raced to try out the virtual matchmaking system. Even with limited playtime available, hundreds of couples were matched, relationships were formed, and for the first time, a couple was married.

In Lucent Heart, couples are brought together by the matchmaker, Cupid. Once they are matched they get to build their relationship through questing, quizzes, and adventuring with each other throughout the game. Marriage takes a strong commitment, as a couple must invest enough time together to reach the required “Cupid Level”, along with raising enough money to fund the wedding.

Gamania would like to congratulate its first married couple, Chikane and Tsuki. Through their own dedication, along with support from their guild and friends, Chikane and Tsuki are the first couple to fully realize the matchmaking potential of Lucent Heart.

“What really left a great impression was the help and support of our Guild, Myriad,” said Chikane. “Once the other members heard we were trying to get married, they all chipped in and helped out. Some members even asked random people on the server to contribute, and they helped without even knowing us. Everything came together because the whole server was in on it!”

“The wedding was really beautiful,” said Tsuki. “It made me nervous even though it’s only a game. I really loved my wedding dress…and I absolutely loved the carriage ride!”

To check out highlights of the wedding and find additional information on Lucent Heart, visit the official website at: Stay tuned for future beta announcements and get involved in Lucent Heart’s community at the official forums: