CTA Digital Moving Out Some New Accessories

CTA Digital is well known for their gaming accessories so it comes as no surprise that they are adding two more PlayStation Move accessories to their line-up. Check them out after the jump.

CTA Digital is looking to help gamers out with the upcoming release of Killzone 3 and Socom 4 by giving them the tools needed to give them the headshots they desire.

The Sniper Rifle

The PlayStation Move naturally lends itself to more realistic gaming, yet to truly feel what it’s like to be in the midst of combat, serious wargame enthusiasts will need CTA Digital’s Sniper Rifle for Playstation Move in their arsenal. The Motion move controller is simply placed in the forearm, and the rest of the accessory can be customized to suit the player’s preference or the game requirements. The scope, rear stock, and muzzle are easily detachable, transforming the full-sized rifle into a smaller, shotgun-sized firearm. There’s also an included sniper bipod attachment to allow for steady, low to the ground aiming, and also an attachment for accommodating the Navigation controller if the game calls for one. The options are simply limitless, and the feeling of authenticity cannot be beat. Package Includes: Sniper rifle body, Attachable muzzle, Attachable stock, Attachable scope, Sniper bipod attachment, Navigation controller cradle attachable.

Ready For Action

For those of you that prefer combat up close and personal, hand guns might be more your style

Pistol Packing Movers

Looking for some fun and futuristic firearms to accompany those two-player gun-based Move games? Look no further than the Perfect Aim Pistol Combo for PlayStation Move! The sleek and elegant design features stylish orange and red highlights and a smooth matte finish, making the guns easy on the eyes and hands. The bodies are also made of an extremely lightweight material, so the fatigue that usually accompanies light-gun based controllers is a thing of the past. Simply insert Move Motion Controllers into the housing and both players are good to go! Package Includes: (1) Black and orange Perfect Aim Pistol and (1) Black and red Perfect Aim Pistol.

We haven’t had a chance to try these out, but with the quality that CTA has delivered in the past, we are looking forward to using them.

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