NIS America and Nicalis, Inc. Announce Their Newest Game for the 3DS


Nintendo 3DS™

Release TBD

Single Player

Action Shooter


NIS America, Inc. publisher

Nicalis, Inc. developer

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History of Cave Story

Originally released as a PC game and later for WiiWare/DSiWare, Cave Story is a side scrolling 2D action game. This title was met with critical acclaim, and all-around praise, receiving an aggregated score of 90.31% on for the WiiWareversion. Critics praised Cave Story’s simple, yet engaging gameplay, and its compelling story telling.

About Cave Story 3D

Cave Story 3D will be a side scrolling shooter in a 3D environment. The player must survive against a variety of enemies and environmental hazards. Later in the game, many challenges are derived from navigating through these hazards with limited flight ability. Levels are often not strictly linear. Gameplayis a combination of high-speed shooting/action scenes, platforming, exploration and light puzzle solving.

Game Plot

The player (Quote) wakes up inside an eerie cave with no memories of his past. He explores the island, becoming involved with its residents and other visitors, one of which has gained great power over the island and seeks to create an army to conquer the surface world.

Level Design

The entire game is fully reconstructed in 3D, giving a sense of depth perception on every stage. In some areas, the game play plane can be made to curve, to give the scene a greater sense of depth. However, in most cases, any curvature will be gradual and subtle, as all characters and projectiles will follow the plane. This curvature can be accomplished by defininga 3D spline that directly and uniquely maps to the 2D grid that the game is actually aware of.


All weapons have at least three different levels of power. All but one weapon gain “experience” by  collecting the power crystals(which look similar to golden triangles) dropped by most enemies.  Different weapons have differing amounts of experience they need to graduate to the next level. The currently equipped weapon will lose experience if the player takes any damage. Weapons fire in the direction the Player is facing. The player can press up to aim upward or if they are in the air, they can press down to aim downward. Weapons can’t be aimed at an angle, though some have projectiles that may allow the player to still hit targets not directly in line with them.