Game Publisher Zallag’s comic books coming to the PlayStation Network

Indie comic books incoming on PlayStation®Network Digital Comics! More details after the jump.

Zallag is an independent publisher based in France. This company specializes in the production of games and comic books only sold digitally on consoles and PC. In October 2010, Zallag announced its first PlayStation®Store project with the Minis title “SHIFT extended” (read our review); a very special version of a game which met tremendous success both on the internet and on mobile phones (over 16 million players already).

Some room for indie comics « Made in France »

Zallag supports independent developers and independent comic artists as well. It allows these artists to create and distribute their creations that otherwise might not have been released in a paper format. Indeed, the digital distribution gives them more freedom compared to traditional printed comics (number of pages, format, theme, average retail price…).

David Costarigot (Zallag’s founder)

The idea behind the creation of a comics label was to help independent comics creations reach an international audience. Thanks to Sony with their store and their unique technologies, we can now make it happen.

Jonathan Silvestre (creator of Super OOrs World)

PSP™ is the perfect platform for me to mix comics with Pixel Art

Which comics will Zallag distribute on the PlayStation®Network Digital Comics?

Four comic books are already scheduled for Q1 2011. They will be available for download between €0.99 ($0.99/£0.79) and €3.99 ($2.99/£3.19).

Super Oors World

  • Cartoonist: Jonathan Silvestre
  • Scriptwriter: Jonathan Silvestre
  • Genre: Pixel Art /  Bit Generation
  • Language: English

Gods vs Humans

  • Cartoonist: Piccolo
  • Scriptwriter: André Amouriq
  • Genre: Humor
  • Language: English

Racers Islands

  • Cartoonist: Pierre Chatillon
  • Scriptwriter: Hubert Chardot
  • Genre: Action / Racing
  • Language: English

Beyond Pixelz

  • Cartoonist: Xandrah
  • Scriptwriter: Adyd & Setankin
  • Genre: Humor / Geek
  • Language: English

Stay tuned as more information becomes available.