Explodemon to Blast Off February 8th/9th

Adrenaline-charged platformer to retail at an awesomely-low $9.99 / EUR 9.99 / GBP 7.99. More details after the jump.

Hold on to your hairpieces, because retro-inspired action platforming masterpiece Explodemon will be exploding onto the PlayStation store on February 8th (SCEA territories) and February 9th (SCEE territories). Not only that, but it’ll be available at the amazingly value-tastic price of US$9.99, 9.99 Euros and, for our fellow UK compatriots, £7.99.

Featuring 12 gigantic levels – each stuffed with secret rooms, puzzles and collectibles galore – and well over eight hours of gameplay, Explodemon is a perfect post-Christmas treat without any of the wallet-guilt. Which is, like, totally a thing that science says is real.

If you don’t know about it already – and, if so, consider yourself chastised – Explodemon is a high-octane explosive action platformer for PlayStation 3, distributed exclusively through the PlayStation Store.
Influenced by classic Japanese games from the golden era of the SNES, players use Explodemon’s self-destructive nature to combat enemies and fly through the air, all the while solving a huge variety of physics-based puzzles (and, naturally, causing incalculable collateral damage).

When the peaceful planet of Nibia is attacked by the malicious Vortex forces, the fate of the star system is thrust into the one pair of hands it shouldn’t be: the malfunctioning Guardian robot Explodemon. His comic quest to repel the onslaught and restore peace will take him across three distinct planets over twelve levels, with new abilities and gameplay mechanics introduced throughout.
Explodemon is rated E by the ESRB, 7+ by PEGI (6+ in Portugal), 12 in Germany and G in Australia/New Zealand.

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