Europe Gets to Play ‘God vs. Humans’ Demo Soon

Gods vs Humans finally offers a playable demo. It’s available for free in Europe on Nintendo’s WiiWare service. More details and screenshots after the jump.

Divine strategy:

Gods vs Humans is a strategy game that allows the player to play as Gods from 4 different mythologies (Norse, Egyptian, Roman and Japanese). Humans want to replace their gods by kicking them out of their heavenly kingdom! They actually built gigantic towers to do so. It’s up to the player to use his/her powers wisely to destroy these constructions without hurting the humans. Otherwise they might lose their faith (which means less Godly powers for the player).

The demo lets you discover the game through the first 5 levels of the solo campaign.

The full game features:

  • Over 60 levels for the solo campaign (that takes you through all of the game’s mythologies).
  • 16 playable gods, each with specific powers (Jupiter, Amaterasu, Odin, Osiris, Thor, Susanoo, Neptune, Râ…they’re all here!)
  • 4 different mythologies to discover.
  • 4 hysterical Bosses to defeat during the campaign mode where it’s not about attacking the tower anymore but aiming directly at the Humans’ King!
  • 16 additional challenges for the experienced players (which are additional levels with specific instructions: destroy 9 stories in less than 5 minutes, destroy the foundations of the tower without using defensive powers etc…)
  • 2-player special mode in split screen.

The demo is available January 21st in Europe on Nintendo’s WiiWare service