Inovare Studios Releases a Demo for ‘Battle for Freedom’

Inovare studio, a brand new independent games developer located in Romania, recently announced it is developing its first game, a new experience in multiplayer gaming: BATTLE FOR FREEDOM. The team has been developing its own 3d and physics engine. More details after the jump.
” When we decided to create Inovare Studio. We wanted to make another kind of videogames. Every year there is always more of the same. BATTLE FOR FREEDOM is based on a great gameplay, coupled with an artificial intelligence never seen before.”, declared Adrian Patzaichin, programmer at Inovare Studio.

Sabin Grigorescu, marketing manager at Inovare Studio: “With BATTLE FOR FREEDOM, we intend to achieve domination of Eastern Europe games developpers. After STALKER, METRO2033,… Nobody denies the talent of the studios from Eastern Europe.  Inovare Studio have the ambition to sit alongside the greatest.”

The game will be multiplayer and playable up to 8 players. 7 freedom fighters and The Boss. The Boss sends enemies on the survivors with a RTS view. The 7 freedom fighters have got unique abilities and fight in a FPS view.

About Inovare Studio:
Founded in 2008 by Ioan Moldovan and Adrian Patzaichin. 6 person are currently working on Inovare’s first game, BATTLE FOR FREEDOM. Inovare Studio is based at Bucharest.
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Download the demo here: