Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive for the PSP Announced

Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.  announced NARUTO™ SHIPPUDEN™: Kizuna Drive for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. More details and screenshots after the jump.

Featuring the most authentic team-based combat in the franchise, the game treats players to a roster of fan favorite characters, an original storyline, and a new multiplayer combat system. Based on the popular animated NARUTO SHIPPUDEN series, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Kizuna Drive is set to deliver an exciting and dynamic fighting experience when it is released this spring 2011. The truest test of a ninja’s strength will not lie in how they fight, but with whom. Are you up for the challenge?

Following an all-new story, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Kizuna Drive pits Naruto and friends against an unseen foe responsible for the disappearance of ninja from Hidden Leaf Village. New game-exclusive characters will descend onto the scene and unexpected plot twists are revealed as players discover who seeks vengeance upon Naruto.

In NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Kizuna Drive, two modes of play will be available to challenge everyone’s ninja prowess. In Story Mode, journey with a band of NPCs (non-playable characters) through more than a dozen missions that await to be conquered. In Free Mission Mode, build a ninja dream team to overcome daunting combat situations where up to four friends can fight together and perform special combo moves via ad hoc. Featuring a new Kizuna Drive Combat System, players can chain devastating attacks onto enemies as each teammate inflicts crippling damage one after another. Time attacks precisely to apply even more intense blows, but miss the mark and the damage will be reciprocated.

Staying faithful to the franchise, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Kizuna Drive embraces the ninja universe while adding new dimensions to it. Not only will players participate in spectacular boss battles, they’ll be treated to an exclusive opening movie created by Studio Pierrot and music sung by Japanese Naruto voice actor, Junko Takeuchi. As if four-player co-op and a totally original storyline weren’t enough, the game features bonus content where fans can access tons of side quests to keep the action rolling. Furthermore by collecting scrolls and special items, they can power up their characters or give them special abilities.

For more information on the game, please visit, or The NARUTO SHIPPUDEN animated series is currently airing on Disney XD (rated TV-PG). For more information and to view free streaming episodes of NARUTO (rated T for Teens) and the uncut NARUTO SHIPPUDEN (rated T+ for Older Teens), please visit or