MEDL Mobile Helps Father & Son Bond While Creating A New App Together

MEDL Mobile’s App builder can be used for great family time. Read on after the jump for more details.

MEDL Mobile, Inc., the company that turns great ideas into great mobile apps is at it again and are thrilled to throw at you their latest fresh-squeezed creation- on the Apple App Store, with the introduction of Fruit Blast.  Medl Mobile a leader in mobile application development and the company behind internationally successful apps such as Note to God and the #1 hit, Mall Maps, have created a brand new game that is fun for all ages.  Using a variety of weapons, fight off blasts of fruity bombs hurled your way by a sinister little monkey. Every hit the little tyrant lands covers parts of the game screen with mangled fruit pulp, making your fight a messy challenge, so be quick!

As avid BB gun shooters, California natives Mark and Parker Lewis conceived the idea for Fruit Blast as they searched for alternative, yet safe shooting targets. Why not create a virtual target shooting game, which is simple, yet action packed, and suitable for any age, they thought? Father Mark had grown up loving the sport of BB gun target shooting and naturally passed his passion along to son Parker. Son Parker took to the hobby with full vigor, searching for anything and everything he could use for target practice. Fruit from trees in the backyard became a prime target! With that, Fruit Blast was born at the hands of the father and son team, who crafted the multi level platform game as an app for the iPhone, created through the Medl Mobile “app incubator.”

“Kids are always looking for a game with great graphics, which normally includes blood, guts and violence! States co-creator Mark Lewis. Fruit Blast, however, offers all the fun in a more PG format.”

Fruit Blast is an explosive action app that delivers a smooth blend of juicy graphics, engaging motion control, First-Person-Survival and is available today at and at app store.

We are proud to call Fruit Blast a Shiny MEDL Object.

MEDL Mobile was recently featured on CNBC’s “Planet of the Apps”. MEDL develops custom applications for people, companies, advertising agencies, consumer brands and themselves. MEDL’s “Shiny MEDL Objects” are apps that fascinate, entertain, connect and empower their users. MEDL has more than 35 applications available on the Apple (APPL) App Store – with dozens more currently in development for iPhone, iPad and Android.