PSP Review- God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ready At Dawn Studios and SCEA’s Santa Monica team collaborated in 2008 on God of War: Chains of Olympus and brought us the highest rated PSP game of all time. They teamed up once again to bring us God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Does the game live up to the rest of the God of War franchise? Find out after the jump.

At the end of God of War, Kratos had defeated Ares and ascended to Olympus as the new God of War. In Ghost of Sparta, Kratos finds that his new powers are not enough to stop the nightmares that continue to plague him. His visions of his childhood reveal to him that what he thought of his own family history isn’t necessarily true. To free himself of the ghosts that haunt his memories, Kratos must embark on a journey that will reveal the origins of lost worlds and answer long-awaited questions about his dark past. Armed as always with the deadly Blades of Athena, Kratos embarks on a journey of death and destruction.

The gameplay sticks to the franchise staple of awesome weapons and  combos to keep you in the action at almost all times. Ghost of Sparta does make one change. Kratos’ rage meter has been replaced with Thera’s Bane, which adds flames to Kratos’ blades and allows him to smash through armor and obstacles like never before. Thera’s Bane adds a meter to the standard health and magic meters and it regenerates so no orbs needed to keep the fire going.

Kratos picks up extra weapons along his journey. The Arms of Sparta are a shield and spear that are required to get past a few obstacles along your path, but for the most part aren’t as effective as Kratos and his blades, but then again nothing has ever been as effective as those blades.

The graphics for the game are spectacular. Keep in mind this is a PSP game. Cut scenes are HD like and the actual gameplay looks just as sharp. The bosses are larger than they were in Chains of Olympus and the number of enemies on the screen have increased. Twice the enemies means twice the fun, really.

Once you’ve beat the game the fun’s not over. There’s ‘The Challenge of the Gods’ and the ‘Combat Arena’ to test your skills, or you can play through the game again using items you picked up during your first play through that weren’t available until you beat the game. God mode is also unlocked for those of you that really want to test your skills.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is a great addition to the franchise but the story seemed a little short. While there were a few puzzles in the game, there weren’t near as many as you would expect in a God of war game. All of that aside, if you own a PSP you have to own this game.