Fighters Uncaged (Xbox 360 + Kinect) Box Art & Screenshots

Charge head first into the vicious world of illegal free fighting tournaments, where you will use every muscle in your body to beat down all who challenge you. Forced into a secret tournament, Simon must use what he learned from his father, an ex-boxing champ, as he faces off against violent combatants who will brutally unleash a range of mixed martial arts attacks to take him down. 

 No guns. No blades. Your body is the deadly weapon!

 Key Features

 Full Body Combat

• Unleash 70 devastating move using your fists, knees, legs, elbows and even your head. Body tracking allows for accurate dodging and blocking of incoming strikes delivering players directly into the game.

 Brutal Fighting System

• Deliver devastating super strikes triggered by both movement and voice-activated commands and execute merciless finishing moves to completely destroy opponents.

 Deep Skill Based Fighting System

• Adapt your fighting style by moving closer to your opponent for stronger attacks, and alter your position to defend yourself as your every action is tracked.

 Enter into the Cutthroat World of Illegal Fighting Tournaments

• Fight through 21 diverse and gritty locations that react dynamically to the action.

 Become a Master Figther

• Fighters Uncaged’s training system will allow for novice players to instantly enjoy the action. Experienced gamers can go deeper, learning the moves of a fighting master and pulverizing all opponents.

Fighters Uncaged is scheduled for a November 2010 release.