FIFA 11 and PES 2011 Demos Available Today

The demos for FIFA 11 and Pro Evo Soccer 11 are both available now for the Xbox 360 and will be available later today for the PlayStation 3.

The news about Pro Evo Soccer’s demo release comes via Joe Murphy, the project leader behind PES 2011, who tweeted yesterday that the Xbox LIVE demo was confirmed for today. As per usual, he also added in a separate tweet that the PlayStation 3 would come in the afternoon as they usually don’t drop on the PS3 first thing in the day.

I’m currently downloading both now so that I can test out some PES and compare it to FIFA. I’ve always been a FIFA man, but that’s mostly because I haven’t tried PES. So this will be my first taste and I hear the series has been on the decline but that 2011 is a serious attempt to up the game with new features. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Lionel Messi as your cover athlete, either, right?

Between PES, FIFA, NHL 11, and Reach, and think my year is officially lost from here on out.

Are you excited about the demos? Looking forward to comparing it to FIFA? Which game do you prefer?