Review – TerRover

Welcome to the many worlds of TerRover by Creat Studios. It will transport you into a surreal 2-D physics universe where you must use your rover’s wheel rotation, pivot center, gravity system and weapons to overcome obstacles while traversing through 40 levels in five distinct worlds with unique art styles.

You start out with a basic rover that is unarmed. As you travel through each level there are bolts and nuts to gather, along with hidden eggs. The nuts are the most important items, as you use them as money to buy new rovers that have different attachments installed. There’s a rocket launcher rover, a magnet rover, and a grappling hook rover. Each rover has a specific use designed to work with certain levels, so you’ll have to revisit some levels once you purchase different rovers to find all of the other items.

The graphics and colors are stunning in HD, with a style that is similar to other titles such as Pixeljunk Shooters. The levels range from volcano style, with molten lava to jump over, to a Winter wonderland that will make you wish your rover had snow chains. There are five separate planets, and the level select screen shows each of them. There seems to be no pattern as to which level comes next, but you can always back out to the select screen and attempt to complete any level you have unlocked.

Level design and difficulty is where the game has its flaws and that creates some areas where frustration abounds. The difficulty level starts out pretty easy, but once you get a few levels into the game, you realize that getting all of the nuts, even when you can see them, seems almost impossible. You will get stuck in some places, and there is a self destruct button, so that must have been anticipated. While the game is hard, with perseverance and patience you can work your way through each level. Trial and error, and using the many checkpoints throughout each level, will help you get through the game.

The rover’s controls, while responsive, can be frustrating as well. You will find yourself flipping uncontrollably at times, and rolling in the wrong direction at others. Holding down the break at almost all times will help you in preventing rolling in unwanted directions, so keep that in mind. Learning to use the controls requires a delicate touch, and that really is the key to having total control of the rover. The learning curve is steep, but it’s worth the effort to master it.

Included is multiplayer support for up to four players. There are three different modes. Race mode is a race against each other going over pretty rough terrain. Trial mode has each player taking turns trying to make it through different obstacles in the fastest time.

TerRover is a cute 2d game with a detailed art style that is easy on the eyes, but hard on the nerves with its difficulty level. If you have patience, and are willing to take the time to learn how to control your rover, the game can give you hours of fun and enjoyment. The replayability for each level will add to your playtime, and possible frustrations. If you are looking for a simple game with less than challenging tasks, you might want to look elsewhere. The price is $15.99 but you probably should try out the demo for free first.