Duke’s Back!

By far the biggest announcement at PAX Prime in Seattle this week was the news that Duke Nukem Forever isn’t as dead as it seemed. It turns out that 2K Games purchased the rights to the game, and Gearbox Software, developers of Brothers in Arms and Borderlands, is currently making Duke Nukem Forever into a game that actually will get played at some point in the near future. How soon? How does next year sound.

Duke Nukem Forever will be coming out in 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and the developers at Gearbox are pretty damn excited about the product and the chance to work on the legendary (and frankly, nearly vaporware) game.

“We’re so excited that we’re going to be actually shipping this game next year,” said Gibson. “I don’t think anybody believes it yet.”

It also seems that Duke Nukem Forever will be following right in the footsteps of 3D Realms’ vision for the one-line spewing, cigar-chewing badass title character.

“How crude can this be?” he said they’ve been asking themselves during development. “Well, there isn’t really a limit. If you play the demo, there’s very offensive things going on.”

“We’re just pushing the game as close to AO [Adults Only] as we can while still making it an M rated game,” Gibson added.

Martel is confident in Gearbox’s ability to do the game justice. “We just knew that we couldn’t let Duke die,” he said. “We knew that we had all the right people.”

Frankly, the videos that have come out from PAX, some of which can be seen above, shows a Duke Nukem that looks awesome. Fists, guns, pure adrenaline. It’s everything we’ve been missing. And I think the guy who still has his pre-order receipt should probably be able to get the game for free. Seriously. He’s been waiting for over a decade.

Images Courtesy of Kotaku