Resistance 3 Teaser Trailer

Resistance 3 was officially announced today at gamescom in Cologne. Corresponding with the official reveal, Sony also unveiled an awesome teaser trailer for the game, which can be seen below.

The trailer is shot in live-action, showing a group of scared-looking travelers riding in a boxcar through gorgeous, sunny scenes of California. Surrounding them, though, are scenes of destruction. Towns falling apart, dead people hanging from trees, barricaded doors and windows, destroyed cars, blood on streets, and St. Louis, completely ruined.

The train stops in the dark of a tunnel in the city and suddenly, aliens attack the people on the train in the dark. Cue flashes of light, looks of terror, guns going off, and hordes of aliens suddenly appearing out of the dark.

Seems like Resistance 3 is going to focus on a U.S. that hasn’t just been invaded, but literally has been destroyed. The trailer is beautifully shot and offers a stark look at the game world. It also comes also a welcome relief as fans have been waiting eagerly to hear some word about the new game since they finished the epic second game in the series.

Look forward to more news on the game as gamescom rolls on.