Rumor: Black Ops Multiplayer Going Subscription Based

Update: We’ve contacted Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling who confirmed to us that the rumor is just a rumor, nothing else. Consider this squashed. Good riddance!


This is one rumor that isn’t good. We’re sorry ahead of time for bringing it to you guys, but it seems Activision is working on a subscription model for the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

According to an MCV report, Activision is preparing to “announce a premium multiplayer component for Call of Duty: Black Ops.” Furthermore, they say the announcement could be made by next month.

This follows on the heels of yesterday’s reveal of the first multiplayer trailer for Black Ops, which can be seen below. To be honest, the multiplayer component doesn’t look much different from that of Modern Warfare 2, but Treyarch’s last effort, World at War, managed to maintain the same style and basic underlining of previous Call of Duty multiplayer efforts while enhancing it to near perfection.

Would it be worth paying extra for, though? I don’t think so. Let’s be honest, does anyone want to pay a subscription to play a game that they already paid $60 for? It’s not very likely. Talk about getting hosed. If this is the new model for online play I’ll just stick to single player, thanks.

Obviously it seems that Activision is talking about making a “premium” portion of the multiplayer pay-to-play, not all of the multiplayer portions, but what will that leave regular, non-paying (beyond $60 for the game, of course) Joes get? My guess is a pretty bare bones product, two or three maps, little more. Ugh.

What do you guys think?

Source: MCV