Alan Wake Owners Get New Dose of Horror Today

Alan Wake’s The Signal DLC is available today. Yeah, this is a news bulletin for everyone who isn’t buying and playing StarCraft II.

Alan Wake is an incredible survival-horror game. It’s absolutely terrifying, the characters are truly interesting, and the story was a real page turner. So, the release of the DLC is really, really welcome. It costs 560 MS Points, but if you purchased the game new you’ll have access to the DLC through the access code provided in the box.

We’ll have a review of The Signal up later this week, but if Kotaku’s to be believed – and who doesn’t believe them? – it’s worth the price of admission both for new owners and those who have to pay roughly $7 to gain access.

Kotaku’s review said that the new DLC provides about an hour of gameplay – or, roughly, a bit shorter than average chapter from the game (which contained 6 chapters in total). Luckily, they also say that you quickly become engrossed in the story again, with a recap of the story to that point at the beginning of The Signal. In addition, Kotaku’s own Brian Crecente said that the level provides nice new additions and clever design. Sounds good, eh?

The only complaint he had was that there isn’t enough story and that the DLC is taking too long to arrive. But, at least you’re getting a significant new chunk of gameplay to work through and it’s free for most users.

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on it later today.