Sony Will Limit 3D Game Resolution to 720p

Sony’s senior development manager, Simon Benson, told attendees at Develop this week that the guidelines for 3D gaming on the PS3 will limit the display resolution to 720p.

According to Benson, games that run in 1080p (which are few and far between), will be scaled down to two 720p images even though the PS3 can display a 1080p 3D image.

Benson said the reasoning for the 720p limit is that higher resolutions would interfere with frame rates. He said that it would disrupt 60fps gaming, and added that, while a more cinematic game is better suited to a lower frame rate and higher resolution, Sony wants to ensure smooth graphical frame rate.

Sony is releasing a firmware update later this year that will enable 1080p for Blu-Ray movies, but Benson said that the difference between 720p and 1080p is negligible.

The news is big only for those who really care about 1080p v. 720p. In all practicality, most games are developed at 720p, including stunners like God of War 3, so the only real difference is in the number, not in the visual quality. So don’t fret, PlayStation 3 fans – the 3D will still look unbelievable when it arrives.